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Provincial Labour Office Maehongson



Most areas of Mae Hong Son Province. A high mountain complex. And continues to be a natural forest with a rich forest area of approximately 6,976,650 rai representing 88.02 per cent of mountain regions and provinces are sorted along the north – south coordinate a mountain. Importantly, Dan Lao mountain range in north end of the province. The median boundary with Myanmar, Thailand. And Thongchai mountain road. Sort each consisting of 3 vertical mountain is mountain road coming west. The Thai border – Myanmar mountain road coming medium. Between River and New River ย that แม่แจ่ม. And Thongchai mountain road east. In the eastern provinces of the demarcation line between Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son province. Highest peak is Mount Mae John is coming around the mountain road east. The north east of the provincial districts in Pai. The high from sea level to approximately 2005 meters plain for cultivation is limited to 211,413 rai, or 2.6 percent of the provinces. แม่สะเรียง area district. Kuniwm area district. Pai district and area.