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Provincial Labour Office Maehongson

Mae Hong Son province, considered regular employees, elected officials and residents outstanding year in 2551.


Committee selected employees regularly. Civil Service Outstanding 2551 Annual review of the Board of Mae Hong Son Province. Interior Ministry officials in the performance win of Directors. Wins Outstanding Civil annual 2551 to win both levels, while regular employees an outstanding year in 2552 were employed in the Department of Labor. On Monday Mr.Vichien Metals ย Mae Hong Son Province vice governor disclosed that as governor, Mae Hong Son province. Was assigned to Deputy provincial governor to be elected president of the Civil Service Committee. Delivery performance in the year 2551 to the Committee selected the Outstanding Civil year 2551 was the second-level bureaucratic level 1 – 5 and bureaucratic levels 6 – 8 and regular employees. The government department and the Ministry of operations in Mae Hong Son Province. Results to the Committee consists of elected officials level 1 – 5 Total income consists of 3 Miss เพฑูริย์ physical property as the home school parent teacher .1 doctorate at Tambon Na Muang Pang Pang Ma Ma cloth fabric. Mr. Supachai ผลา Chai Sui พัฒน์ official training and vocational training. Level of expertise and prison แม่สะเรียง spokesman said Chanchai evening stars 5 Policy Analysis and Planning Office, Mae Hong Son Province-level government officials 6 – 8 officials have sent work to consider a number 7 said technological race book as correctional journeyman said Thawatchai clear. equations developed Amphoe Pang Ma said fabrics might be suitable for various community development Kuychr academics. Special expert said engine family would grow plants Sri Yab May Allah be beautiful wedge แม่สะเรียง said young director favors the wooden roller Ban said Beijing favors Iuw Division fault line from Mae Hong Son province, parents and Ms. feeling bright girl from Mae Hong Son Province Fisheries Office. In the regular employees. Have delivered results to determine the number 7 contains a waiver, Mr. Moon, Mr. Manus Provincial Agriculture and Office of purple glass Dam typist, 3rd Floor Provincial Labor Office said on bamboo cup win driver Labor Protection and Welfare Office said year if organizations better night. superior intelligence organizations employee health district community health office said Surat General แม่ลาน้อย You Na joy from prison districts แม่สะเรียง Hitts said parental plant a bump from Mae Hong Son and Ms. Maria Kindergarten stone Aintrs parental Most Noble Order of the 1st floor of the office typist fishing Mae Hong Son Province. Results of the review committee. Results appear below. Civil Service Outstanding 2551 Annual levels 6 – 8, including Mr. Iuw infrastructure favors Division band from province-level administrative offices from 1 to 5 stars, including Mr. Chanchai evening from provincial offices. Outstanding employees and annual 2551, Mr. Manus, including office workers from glass Dam Mae Hong Son Province. That the province will be awarded to such person in the February 2552 monthly meeting in memory of officials. And employees to deliver results to the Board of Directors has determined the selection. Province mother taught immaculately prepared to announce honor card to bring honor to the officials and employees to deliver results to consider all. Provincial officials and employees regularly Thanks. Submitted performance to be considered Province. We continued to persist Pyam and delivery performance to consider in the next year ..