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Provincial Labour Office Maehongson

“Children of stateless” No. 3 of 2548.


“Children of stateless” No. 3 of 2548. “Children of stateless” No. 3. On 7-8 January 2548 at the home school parent three three parent T. Abbott Abbott, Mae Hong Son Mon Tue Moei happen.People in the area, many people have no status. Which has not yet been resolved for a better way. Three Lab School parent. With students of all 220 children at the Thai people 9 people remaining 211 children who are stateless. Problems of school children is not the 13-digit number for budget support would be very difficult. But teachers are not used to deny children access to school. All children have the right to be learning. Have recorded history. Evidence diploma to graduate every child when. This year we continue to receive assistance from agencies in the area. Network partners. Set arch joint campaign activities, Mr. gem city marshal Moei happen. Joint opening panel. “What is the future? If the Thai children stateless “and representative offices of area 2, Muang, Mae Hong Son Education, Office of Public Tue office workers feel Moei Mae Hong Son Province Secretariat of the National Education Council, Bangkok to join Sound Listen children stateless. The forum is chaired by stateless children of 7 people together relate to adults affected by problems such as listen. Issue travel, education, health and psychological problems. A theater with an echo. “There is not selected” group of children grasshopper clear voice. Inside view of the adults speak some adults to listen to it together with suggestions and. Approach problems. And that information will be offered to the problem situation, government agencies working together to change to stateless children. Community who lack stateless state will not be lonely. Front least to identify the status of individuals. Have increased our number of friends younger brother with multiple pockets. To walk side by side together. Do not be impatient disappointment and even despair can sometimes be found with pain and loss.